fuckyeahlucaspiazon"Those who have faith in themselves, do not need others to believe in them." Lucas Piazon. 20/01/1994. Midfielder. Chelsea FC. Brazil. Admins; Miselta & Laura.


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“How old is Maria ( his girlfriend or ex ) :D”

María and Lucas aren’t together anymore and she is 20 years old. 

x.- Laura

02.03.140 NOTES Reblog
“Story goes that lucas is being a slut in Arnhem, is this true? I thought he had a gf?”

He is single right now. And I don’t know but I guess that’s non of our business since we support him because he’s very talented.

-Laura xx

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“I saw Maria posting a pic on instagram kissing a guy who's not Lucas, so I guess they're really over now! :) x”

Oh I just saw it! I guess they are over but I think it doesn’t matter as far as Lucas is happy.

-Laura x

11.19.132 NOTES Reblog
“does lucas have a girlfriend?”

As far as I know he’s with María Montoro. But they are like on then off then on then off; it’s complicated.

-Laura x

11.19.132 NOTES Reblog
Lucas Piazon Debuts for Vitesse Arnhem vs. Roda JC. (8/17/13) (1-1)

"I feel happy to be able to play the first game for the club. "

— Lucas Piazon when asked about his debut

"In the first half, we had so many chances. We could’ve gone to halftime being up to two goals up, but this is football. If you don’t score, you’re in trouble. "

— Lucas Piazon when asked about Vitesse’s game vs. Roda JC
Lucas playing with his Dad at the National Sports Centre of Papendal, Arnhem. (Vitesse Training Centre)
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